Is there room for guys in the webcam world?

Let me be clear. Guys have a huge gap to fill in the webcam world. But things are starting to happen.

Webcam broadcasting has long been considered a female dominated industry. And it really has been. We’re familiar with sites like, bingo, and many others. You flip through the categories and pages and see mostly women.

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Guys are generally stereotyped as gawkers and not so much the ones in front of the cam. But now-a-days, we’re seeing more men take up the platform to show off their stuff. It’s no secret. People wanna see nice asses and dicks from guys too. Duh? Girls wanna see guys and guys wanna see guys, or whatever you identify as, there’s those that want to see a sent (subjective) guy in all their glory.

We are accustomed to guy girl couple’s shows where viewers get a hard on by watching the two play and fuck around. But let’s look more at guys that do solo broadcasts. Right now the space is wide open for some forward thinking guys to really blaze the trail and innovate. What kind of webcam site apps might be created to cater specifically to guys that we’ll give them crazy sensations. We see the lovense brand take this technology and run with it, but many of their toys and apps are for women.

Chaturbate has a fairly good selection of male broadcasters, and we see that list growing. More people are also looking for guys in broadcasts to satisfy their viewing pleasures. So guys, if you are reading this and you are a camguy or would like to become, there’s space for you to grow and expand!

The webcamming industry is booming, and is starting to diversify. TS cam models are on a rise as well. Whatever your flavor, there’s something for you. The webcam modeling space is growing and there’s room.


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