Issue 4 – Editor’s Message

Welcome to issue 4, the final digital publication of the year. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to create a digital publication that speaks to cam models, and industry peoples, bringing stories and interviews from camgirls across the world, and create a community of readers and viewers that help in the building process as well. We thank each and every model, creator, cam girls, and industry pros we’ve spoken with, worked with, consulted with, laughed and have fun with. Your time and contribution is greatly appreciated and again we thank you.

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An overview – the table of contents of this issue – CamGirl Vixen Magazine, Issue 4

This issue features Emily Cheree as our cover story, a beautiful and talented woman out to make a difference in the lives of women who’ve escaped the sex trafficking trade. Unfortunately, she herself has her own story of being trafficked, and escaping the horrible ordeal. You can find her story starting on page 28.

We have 3 amazing cam girls, xMochaPuffx, Dee Jai, and Miss Vallentease. These three women are amazing and unique in their own right, and have something to share. So, make sure to stop by each one of their Q & As, and find out more about them. You can also visit our website and click on their stories for the blog experience. Their active social links and websites will be available on each post.

Moving forward we will be working on arranging departments for CamGirl Vixen Magazine. We’ve started with this issue but in the upcoming new year things will be more fine-tuned. We welcome any suggestions you may have in regards to having us create and deliver a better product.

Lastly, with this being the last portion of the year, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a fantastic new year. We know that there will be a lot of celebrating over the holidays so please be safe and know your limits. Remember to be kind, and share a good deed with a total stranger.

We hope you enjoy issue 4. And for now, we say farewell, and see you in the new year.


– Dave Jackson
Managing Editor, Content Manager

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