@tymwits, aka Jackie, Surprises fans with New Booty!

Petite tattooed babe Jackie, better known by her online  moniker, @tymwits recently surprised her fans with a Twitter post, and Instagram story with a photo showing off her new plump round booty. She had recently done an augmentation operation on her gleuts, resulting in a brand new Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashion esque booty. She posted a side by side photo, comparing what her booty looked like before the operation, and what it looks like after the operation.

@Tymwit Shows off her former not so round and plump booty

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In this first picture, the naughty Asian adult model shows what her ass actually looked like before. She noted that she really wanted to get rid of her hip dips and no amount of exercise would be able help her get rid of it. The pictures you see of her curvy ass before the surgery she admits was a product of her really knowing how to work her angles, and apologized for “catfishing” her fans about her booty.

The “catfish” booty pics from @tymwits

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@tymwits close up ass shot, angle

She commented on Twitter “I’m sorry for cat fishing you all with my previous butt photo, I’m just that good with angles“.


@Tymwit Shows off her New Booty

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She posted this image here alongside her before picture. This is of course her new ass on display, one and a half week post operation. You can see that her hip dips have vanished, and how she has curvy hips and a nice round and lifted booty. You can see obvious bruising and recent scars from the surgery, but her ass is looking quite swell (no pun intended. She captioned the comparison photo saying, “One and a half week post OP will post monthly photo and when my bruises are healed. I just wanted to show you all on here so bad“.


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@tymwits topless in shower

jackie looking cute in yellow top and glasses,

Jackie is an active creator and posts regularly on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit as @tymwits. She’s also an avid gamer, and enjoys playing in the nude. With her new assets, I’m sure she will attract a whole new set of fans, and I bet her current fans are loving her new rump. She will definitely have a lot of fun creating new content considering that she no longer has to work angles to get amazing ass shots. She now has a permanent fixture of booty perfection.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tymwits/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tymwits

OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tymwits

Check out her AllMyLinks page here: https://allmylinks.com/tymwits

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