Jane Wilde Covers the March 2022 Issue of AVN Magazine  | Tw: @janewildexxx

Jane Wilde is setting her sights on Spring as she poses seductively for the cover – and stuns in a 21-page pictorial – of the new March 2022 issue of AVN Magazine.

The petite raven-haired performer (and three-time AVN Award winner) sat down with Peter Warren for an in-depth interview where she traces her roots as an aspiring entertainer who went from high school drama student to clothing store retail clerk to adult film superstar in the span of less than five years.

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Wilde, who has rocketed to the top of the industry with leading roles in some of the most compelling and high-profile films in the biz, admits that her swift success has been less about luck and more about hard work and perseverance after answering an ad that led to “a situation that was kind of inescapable for about a year” before finding her bearings as an onscreen talent with an innate desire “to impress people and make people entertained.”

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Currently she is working on writing an autobiographical project about her youthful experiences and rise to fame: “I want to tell a story – my story – but a story that ends with someone entering the porn industry and being happy, and not that being their demise and what ruins their life, because I know that there’s a lot of people that are like me… porn has given them direction in their life and given them something to live for and something to be excited about and the freedom to do what they want in their life.”

To enjoy the article/pictorial in full, go to AVN.com.

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