Katie Bell Shows off Red Riding Hood outfit as Halloween Teaser

Katie Bell drops a wicked Twitter post that’s got her fans talking. The busty 24 year old babe, who is linked to millionaire playboy, Dan Bilzerian, posted a exceptionally tastefully sexy photo (as usual) to her Twitter page.

The image shows Katie Bell decked out in a red hood, full make up done, angled slightly, as she stares into the camera, as if she’s looking into your soul with her beautiful light brown eyes.

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The post to Twitter had a simple caption which read “what are you going to be for Halloween this year?”. And as we all know, it’s Halloween season, and the guys and gals are getting ready to don their best ghoulish or sexiest outfits for the party.

Reading some of the comments are hilarious with one guy commenting to the question posted, “A fat guy with a beard. It’s a costume I wear often.“, while another reply tweeted, “Scariest monster of them all Hilary Clinton“. And this one is a favorite, “buried head first in your chest with any luck.“.

So what do you think of this picture post from Katie Bell. Hot or not? And to ask the same question, what are you going to be for Halloween this year? Let us know.

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