Katie Kush is The perfect petite babe on Jerkmate

Say hello to Katie Kush,  a new pornstar whose fame is quickly on the rise. Katie is of Irish and Finnish descent. She is a petite with blonde hair and blue eyes and she has piercings and tattoos. With her perfect body, combined with a charming personality, Katie Kush has the potential to be one of the top pornstars in the industry.

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In her free time, Katie Kush enjoys hanging out with friends, but what she really loves to do is dancing! Katie enjoys all type of music except hardcore head-banging rock and classical jazz. Her favorite movie of all time is Shawshank Redemption. She also has a dog, a German shepherd who Katie loves more than anybody.

It doesn’t take much to get Katie in the mood for sex. Her favorite sexual position is doggystyle. When it comes to banging, she likes rough sex and is more of the submissive type; though occasionally, in the heat of the moment, she will assume the dominant role. Katie likes to masturbate 4 or 5 times per week. She doesn’t have a Hitachi, or any other sex toy or vibrator for that matter. Her hands get the job done just fine!

When it comes to men, Katie likes guys with good vibes, nice personalities and positive energy.

Katie Kush hopes to one day go back to school and study cosmetology. She is also a Taurus.

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