Kendra Sunderland Shares how she got the name “Library Girl” on Camming Life’s Sex Tales

Kendra Sunderland, infamously known online as “Library Girl”, recently sat with the good folks at Camming Life to chat about how her popular moniker came about. The Camming Life Sex Tales episode was uploaded to YouTube on December 15 2020 with the title “Kendra Sunderland talks about the Library Camming Scandal with Sex Tales hosts Lana del Bae and Melody Kush”.

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The 6 and a half minute video highlighted a few things that led to the rise of Kendra to adult entertainment royalty. It all started with webcamming. If you aren’t familiar with the story, Kendra talks about it in some detail. In 2014, the then 19 year old was caught webcamming under her old username “Babyyygirl420 “in the library of the University she was attending, Oregon State University (OSU). Word go around and she was slapped with the label “Library Girl”. She recounts that her webcam chatroom viewers originally wanted her to cam at a Starbucks, but she admits she didn’t go because she feared being banned form the coffee shop giant. Her next thought was to use the library. Once news got around people were calling her “Library Girl”. Later she was banned from going on campus grounds and got a misdemeanor charge for public indecency along with a $1000 fine. It was from there her career amazingly took off and never slowed down, and she never looked back.

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Co-host Melody Kush, also a cam girl from Chaturbate, noted that because Kendra’s case went so viral gaining national and international news headlines, many cam sites started restricting their broadcasters from doing live shows in public places. In the episode Kush is quoted saying “…all these cam sites, based on that fall out, I noticed that people were no longer allowed to sneakily broadcast at Starbucks, and like other public places. Like, you created like a ripple effect with that, so you really had an impact.” Kendra then replied “yah, I didn’t mean to, but I definitely started that. And it’s funny when people wanted me to go to a Starbucks first…I don’t know how people get away with it at a Starbucks. I was scared.” [Laughs]

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You can watch the Full Library broadcast video here. Someone had an hour or so of it swiped and posted to XVideos. Enjoy

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