Kimber Haven Brings the Ha-Ha to the Burbank Misfits’ Podcast

TS performer, director, producer, and radio show host Kimber Haven is the latest guest on Burbank Misfits’ The Misfit Effect Podcast, and it’s a hilarious, must-hear episode.

“The Censorship Effect with Kimber Haven” is 75-minutes of entertainment with some education tidbits mixed it. Hosted by Rawstarr (aka DJ Duck) and CW (aka DJ Eclipse), the interview opens with comedy as Kimber jokes that she was bit by a radioactive spider and woke up with tits. Kimber and the Burbank Misfits crew discuss her days as an MMA fighter and executive security and her eventual retirement, which lead her to webcamming for free on Adult Friend Finder. The hosts delve into Kimber’s transition and telling her wife, growing up with a father who was a Bolivian hitman and a showgirl mother, open relationships, being a comedian and hosting comedy events, fetishes, and more.

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“Rawstarr and CW were so much fun. I didn’t feel like it was an interview—it was more like talking with friends and hanging out. I think I might have even educated them and their listeners on a few things. I would definitely guest on their podcast again,” says Kimber Haven.

Check out “The Censorship Effect with Kimber Haven” on Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and the Burbank Misfits Podcast website

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