Kyler Quinn and Alex Coal team up in “Teen Lesbians 2 (GirlGirl)”

In the new scene “I’m Pregnant Mommy” (SheSeducedMe) with London River, Kyler takes a home pregnancy test and discovers that she is with child. Fearful of her dad’s reaction, she goes to her stepmother for guidance. London promises to make sure daddy never finds out, but apparently she wants something in exchange since immediately upon hearing the news she starts feeling up her beautiful stepdaughter. Or maybe she just has a pregnant stepdaughter fetish, one never knows.

“We already know you’re a slut, how else would you get pregnant,” she says as her hand moves up Kyler’s leg toward her short skirt. Kyler, already scared from her test results, seems to find the attention comforting and soon her clothes are coming off as London talks dirty to her and suggests she do everything mommy tells her.

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As they makeout, London asks her who the father is, but after a pregnant pause admits she isn’t sure. “You don’t know?!” Oh, yes, Kyler is a little slut!

“You ever touched another woman’s pussy before?” she asks Kyler. The younger eeks out a no and shakes her head with eager anticipation. Soon they are both naked and London happily shows her beautiful stepdaughter what to do. Kyler knows the situation is not “normal,” at one point saying breathily, “This is so wrong,” but shows no resistance. She strokes Kyler’s stomach and says, “You’re going to get such a cute little pregnant belly, and then marvels at Kyler’s pussy, purring, “You’re so tight.”

In another dirty SheSeducedMe scene, Kyler is about to get married when her mother (Krissy Lynn) comes home and finds Kyler in bed with Alison Rey. “Oh! My! God! You’re a little fucking lesbian?! You’re about to get married!”

Not about to let a dirty situation slip away, Krissy hops into bed with the lesbian lovers and shows the young ones how it’s done. The three hot-bodied beauties follow Krissy’s lead and Krissy isn’t just one of the industry’s hottest MILFs, she is one of its best dirty talkers.

“You grew up with my daughter and I consider you family,” she tells Alison as she starts feeling her up. Then, playing with Kyler’s sweet tits, she whispers, “And all this time I thought you were straight.” She shows that mommy knows best, and at least as far as hot, forbidden lesbian action goes, she certainly does.


In another sizzling lesbian scene, Kyler and her best friend (and Hussie Models stablemate) Alex Coal hook up in Teen Lesbians 2 (GirlGirl). Kyler has been watching lesbo porn on her computer and just doesn’t understand what’s going on. She’s always heard that you need a cock to go in your pussy to feel like a real woman. She asks Alex to explain, but words won’t suffice. Kyler shows her a clip and says, “She’s sucking on her pussy, she’s not licking!” She just doesn’t get it.


“It’s a little like kissing: a little licking, a little sucking…you have kissed someone before, haven’t you?” Alex asks. Oh boy. Alex resorts to physical touch to show Kyler the way and it’s clear that Kyler learns through experience better than with those pesky words.


Alex Coal

Kyler Quinn

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