Larkin Love Gives JOI Tips, Technique & More in Hustler Mag Piece

Larkin Love is considered one of the best in the biz when it comes to JOI (Jerk Off Instruction), so of course, Hustler came to her for tips, technique, and more in a new article.

Larkin, along with Meana Wolf and Alex Coal, gives top kink fans around the world tips and advice and explains the allure of the naughty niche in “Listen Up, Jerkoff! The Joy of JOI.” The online piece covers pertinent topics like getting in the zone, increase in interest and content for JOI, roleplay, scripting, and storytelling, countdown and gamification, materials for couples, and more. Larkin also has a large photo of her in a fanboi tee with lots of underboob and a strappy pair on panties winding around her perfect physique.

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“If you’re curious about JOI and my techniques, you definitely want to read this article,” says Larkin Love. “I love getting into character and doing unscripted JOI—it’s kind of my superpower. It would be great if I had an unlimited budget and could create a JOI videogame, like Guitar Hero.”

Larkin was also spotlighted in Hustler “Mistress May I? A Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Dungeon Visit.” If you have always wanted to visit a dominatrix but don’t know the protocol, this is a must-read article. Check it out at

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