Lauren Phillips Talks Tacos & Answers Hard Questions on Pornstars Are People

Elite red-headed pornstar and cam girl, Lauren Phillips is this week’s guest on Pornstars Are People Podcast. She talks about her love of tacos and answers the hard questions.

While in Vegas earlier this year, Lauren sat down with comedian and host Dan Frigolette. They talk about a variety of topics, including about how she’s a Jersey Girl, VIP adult parties and celebrity DJs, streaming music lists, how she’s cast in adult films and her infamous firebush, her reign as a Trophy Girl at the 2019 Inked Awards, feature dancing, and much more. You will definitely learn something new about Lauren and be entertained by the banter between Dan and her.

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“I had so much fun on Dan’s show—he’s wild and talks about some crazy stuff,” says Lauren Phillips. “This is a great interview, and even if you’re a diehard fan, you’ll learn something about me.”

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Watch Lauren Philips’ interview below

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