Little Puck Talks The Mighty Pucks, Big Toys & More on Danglin’ After Dark

Cute and freaky chameleon clip artist Little Puck is the latest guest on Dick Dangle’s infamous podcast Danglin’ After Dark.

Little Puck’s fans and the Pervert Nation (the podcast’s listeners) are in for a real treat with “Little Puck: Episode #266.” Puck discusses her new and improved “expansion pack version,” triumphant return, and before and after customs, as well as how she came up with her name, ultra-supportive fans (aka the Mighty Pucks), new toys, success and keeping things fresh, working on multiple platforms and catering to different audiences, rating dick pics, and how she separates herself from other clip artists using video games, wrestling, and cosplay. The over 30-minute interview is highly entertaining, educational, and a must-listen. Check it out at or on Apple Podcasts

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“Puck is an absolute knock-out with a perfect personality! She’s an absolute delight, and I was captivated by her and her amazing sense of humor,” says Dick Dangle. “I knew it was going to be a great interview when she reached out to me before the interview to say hi and that she was excited to be on the podcast.”

“This was a great interview! Dick is a lot of fun, and he does his research. I was impressed that he even quoted my Tweets. You don’t want to miss it,” says Little Puck.


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