Macey Jade Ends 2020 by Screwing the Tree Delivery Professional  

Macey Jade closes out 2020 with some sexy new scenes, including a real ho-ho-ho with Nade Nasty in Bang Bros’ “Macey Gets Holiday Wood.” The voluptuous 25 year old cam girl / pornstar combo delivers a treated performance for you one last time.

Things kick off with a twist on classic porn scene phrasing. Nade is a Christmas tree delivery guy and Macey the horny hottie who wants to get festive. He rings the bell and she answers with a sultry, “That’s a mighty big tree you have, why don’t you come in and set it up?” It’s a line that shall be used for years to come in holiday scenes and scenes that revolve around general tree delivery. 

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You wouldn’t know it by his lack of Santa hat, but Nade is a man of tremendous holiday cheer and if the pretty lady wants him to come in so she can guide his tree placement, he’s ready to do it. Macey is so grateful and horny that she sucks his cock right there by the tree, which may be the greatest gift that tree would ever give. 

Macey and Nade exchange their gifts, hers being able to please a cock and coax out cum, Nade’s gift being his big cock and intimate knowledge of its proper use. Lucky her, he brought a little extra on this delivery and gives it to her in the form of a great white load.

Macey also stars in Big Titty Housewives 3 (Lethal Hardcore), which documents how she screws around on her husband by using a dating app. She meets a fellow named Mike in a parking lot and he’s a little taken aback when she confesses to being married, but no worries, she’s just looking for something physical. 

He tries to be polite and take her to eat, but she has “something else in mind, dessert perhaps.” They decide to head to his place and as they drive she’s already showing off her big titties. Once in the confines of his apartment, Macey wastes no time. She’s naked in no time and this guy has little choice but to bang this sweet, spoken for hottie.

“Macey Gets Holiday Wood”:

Macey Gets Holiday Wood Trailer

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