Maitland Ward Celebrates 1 Million Instagram Followers

It’s been a stellar year for Maitland Ward. The long-time actress turn newbie porn star has risen to new heights with her expanded fame as an adult performer.

The red-headed babe took to her Instagram page and made a post celebrating her one million followers milestone. She posted: “WE DID IT GUYS 🎉🎉 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS! This Instagram has seen so much through the years, but especially these last 12 months! We have added over 700k new people this year alone. Amazing!! I have the most loyal, devoted & fiercely supportive fans and followers! I promise I will always give you my best and think of ways to make things fun 🎡. Love you guys so much 💙💙 #instamillionaire“.

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Maitland Ward started 2019 with a bang, officially signed on as a porn star, and continued to gain traction, getting cast in big features with production companies such as Deeper and Vixen. She’s also been nominated for several awards for her adult performances. The former teen pop actress, best know for her role as Rachel McGuire from the hit TV show ‘Boy Meets World’ is not so innocent anymore and she’s loving all the free and unhindered naughtiness.

From the first peek at her nip slips as a cosplay model, Maitland has risen to the top of adult entertainment stardom. This reignited her relevance and catapulted her back into the limelight. Not quite the mainstream limelight, but in an industry that appreciates her assets and not afraid to celebrate it all. Maitland seems to be embracing her rekindled fame, and is taking it all in gracefully. She’s use to being in front of the camera, and over the past decade has teased fans with numerous racy images. Now they can enjoy her in all her glory as an adult superstar.

Congratulations to Maitland Ward on all her success. We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring for the uber sexy babe.


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