Male Adult Performer Banned by Chaturbate over Suspected Live Overdose

Collin Simpson, a male adult performer was recently banned from the popular webcam site, Chaturbate, after fans suspected he overdosed on drugs.

Chaturbate - More Girls Online reports that after about 70 minutes of live camming is when the incident took place. It continued to say that the “90-minute video was cut short after Simpson went off camera for a few minutes at around the 70-minute mark. Clinking sounds could then be heard, followed by three sets of lighter/inhale noises. Simpson then returned to face the camera looking unwell before exiting the frame again at which point the clinking and inhaling were audible again.”

It was during this weird period that fans got concerned and reported the incident to Chaturbate. Shortly after his account was suspended.

Collin has been struggling with addiction and made a public statement on his Twitter account which stated: “I have been struggling with addiction for the last few months…I’m currently in the process of getting help, but it’s too little too late.”

Later on Twitter there was an outpouring of concerned fans messaging the adult performer, to which he replied that there is nothing wrong and he’s been sober. However a series of images and now video caps of the live webcam show acquired by Str8upgayporn tells a slightly different story. They chose not to post it to their site.

We wish Collin Simpson well and we hope he gets the help he seems to so desperately needs.

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