Manyvids Releases “Pay to Open” Feature getting Rave Reviews from it’s Users

Mega adult clips site, Manyvids (MV), recently dropped a new feature called Pay to Open. The announcement and implementation this new feature received an overwhelming amount of praise from its over 2.6 million users. So what exactly is Pay to Open, and why are Manyvids users so excited?

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Pay to Open is a new feature where MV Stars can send personalized content to a Member within any of their 3 Inbox tabs – ‘MV Crush Notes’, ‘MV Flyer’ or ‘Messages’ for an extra fee that has to be paid in order to access this exclusive content. This is awesome especially for fan that want more personalized content, and it is also a great way for creators to up-sell, or add extra value to their viewers.

Original Manyvids posts here:

According to the official Manyvids blog, when using Pay to Open, the MV Member is not charged, and no revenue is collected, until the Member unlocks and purchases the content. Seems simple enough, and this feature alone is worth the excitement. But wait, there’s more 🙂

As posted on the blog post announcing the new feature, MV shared that along with the new Pay to pen feature, Manyvids made some additional updates, introducing additional improvements to Messages, MV Crush Club and MV Flyer – all accessible via the MV Inbox: 

  • A newly added progress bar allows MV Stars to keep track of the upload progress when attaching a vid or pic to a message. Upload speeds will also see an improvement of up to 10x vs the previous speed. 

  • All uploaded MV Crush Club content will now be unblurred for both the MV Star and the subscribed Member when viewing this content via the ‘MV Crush Notes’ tab.  

  • An MV Star can now upload multiple pics to Private Messages, MV Crush Club, and MV Flyer. The pics will be presented as gallery thumbnails and can be clicked on to view the larger versions. 

  • A video file can now be uploaded and added to a private message. 


The MV community is going wild, and the comments below the official MV blog post of the announcement says it all.

i loved it, but the members and crushes need to ve notified when we upload a new vid or pic, just my opinion. Thanks MV 😍😘




YES! ♥ ♥ i have been a long-time fan of pay-to-view dirty emails in NF … and now, pay-to-open (same diff) comes to MV! This is a great way to monetize erotic interactivity. my only advice to MV Stars is this: please don’t spam us with unsolicited pay to open stuff. When a customer asks for it, yes. Thanks ManyVids!*hugs*  ♥ ♥ xoxoxo

Arwen Datnoid

These are great additions! I will definitely be testing some of it out.


Yesss I love this !! Especially the unblur of crush content feature for models and members, love itt ❤️❤️❤️ thank you
Looking forward to testing out the Pay  to open feature as well ☺

Manyvids continues to push the envelope, providing their creators with more and more tools to help them succeed. Good job MV, good job.

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