Marina Valmont Guests on Danglin’ After Dark Podcast | Tw: @marinavalmont

Bubbly bronzed-haired Canadian bombshell Marina Valmont is all about the sexy lifestyle and loves to be in front of the camera. And this week, her worldwide fans can check her out on the Danglin’ After Dark podcast with infamous host Dick Dangle.

Recently, Marina Valmont did an exclusive 40+ minute interview with Dick Dangle for the Danglin’ After Dark podcast. Her interview starts at the 52-minute mark of the current episode. In “Marina Valmont: Episode #360,” the model, brand ambassador, and Naked News anchor known for her globe-trotting adventures chats with Dick on a wide variety of topics. Dick is fascinated by Marina and her hard work—they discuss her new, more integral role on Naked News Live mentoring, training, and recruiting models, creating content for her multiple platforms, being a Naked News anchor, and the amount of time she talks to her fans. Marina lets fans in on what her interactive live shows with other models on Tempted are like.

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Some of the highlights of the interview are when Marina discusses places around the world you can be naked and knowing the rules, her huge Twitch following and her cooking segments that have her whipping up things like shepherd’s pie, attending Comic-Cons, dressing in cosplay, and fangirling out over seeing Jason Momoa, and being a “certified badass” with her brown belt in Tai Kwon Do. Dick asks her about her YouTube Channel and videos on everything from bullying to belly dancing. And at the end of the show, listeners get a peek of her plans for 2022.

“This was a fun interview! Dick has so many interesting questions and really did his research. He might say he’s part of the Pervert Nation, but he’s definitely a gentleman,” says Marina Valmont.

Check out “Marina Valmont: Episode #360” on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, and the Danglin’ After Dark website

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