Mary Moody Featured in Daily Beast Piece That Went Viral

Chaturbate cam girl, and Penthouse Pet, Mary Moody is one of the adult stars that was interviewed for a piece on The Daily Beast that went viral and was picked up by Complex and Yahoo, and then made the front page of Yahoo.

Written by Aurora Snow, “Porn Stars Are Terrified of Amy Coney Barrett” for The Daily Beast shares thoughts about what might happen if Coney Barrett is confirmed for the Supreme Court. Reproductive rights, free speech, obscenity laws, and the future of porn are key concerns of the adult performers interviewed, including Mary Moody, Bea York, and Siri Dahl, as well as adult studio owner Angie Rowntree and Judge Herb Dodell. The article can be viewed at

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In less than 24 hours of the article being published to The Daily Beast website, it was picked up so much traction that Complex. Writer Trace William Cohen also covered it and posted key parts in his article titled “Adult Film Stars Speak Out on How Amy Coney Barrett Could Be ‘Catastrophic’ for Porn Industry.” Not all the adult stars were quoted in the Complex piece but Mary was. The article does link back to the original piece. Check it out at

After Complex posted their repost of Complex’s piece, it made the front page of Yahoo

“I’m glad Aurora picked many of my quotes, and the piece was really brilliant! It’s very exciting that it went viral and reached so many people. Definitely check it out and leave some positive comments on Complex,” says Mary Moody.

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