Mary Moody Featured in Vice Couples Pandemic Piece

Award-winning cam girl, busty, curvy beauty, Penthouse Pet, and activist Mary Moody has been profiled by Vice again. This time she’s in a piece about couples who started making adult content during the pandemic.

“Couples Who Started Making Porn in the Pandemic Tell Us How It’s Going” by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria went live on Vice yesterday afternoon and is one of the most popular articles on the definitive guide to enlightening information known as Vice. The article spotlights a handful of couples who live and work together producing adult content for premium social media platforms and are really enjoying their new jobs. Mary and her partner Justin Case are profiled and discuss how they met, supporting one another and the importance of teamwork, turning their home into a live-in-studio, keeping Mary’s fanbase engaged, and more.

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“I was so happy to be part of this Vice piece. It’s rare that industry or civilians know how we work, what goes into what we do, and the support it takes to be successful in business and our private life as a couple. This is a great window into how it all works for us and other couples. Sofia is a great writer, and it’s an excellent article,” says Mary Moody.

Also included in the Vice piece are non-binary lesbian couple Cassie and Alex and trans couple Gabe and Michae. The uplifting article also features a photo of Mary in a sexy Chaturbate pink bikini and connects to her Twitter. Read the “Couples Who Started Making Porn in the Pandemic Tell Us How It’s Going” in its entirety at

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