Mary Moody Slams Credit Card Companies Cutting Ties with PornHub

Superstar cam girl and adult performer Mary Moody spoke out in a recent interview with about major credit card companies cutting ties with PornHub, and how this abrupt decision is leaving many sex workers scratching their heads as to what to do next.

The post titled “Sex workers say ‘defunding Pornhub’ puts their livelihoods at risk” explains how the loss of revenue is damaging sex workers livelihood, and destroying their brands that took years to build. Part of the article reads “”the loss of revenue affects sex workers and how they make a living. Despite Pornhub changing their policy and only allowing content verified users only, three major credit card companies are blocking payments to the adult giant,” explained a rep. “Many sex workers rely on the income they receive from tips, selling their content, fan clubs and views on Pornhub. While ‘likes’ are still being paid by advertisers, without the ability to sell their content, get tips, and offer other services, sex workers are losing exponential amounts of money. Even the ones earning less than $2K a month can’t pay their bills and survive.”

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Mary Moody posts to her Twitter page on the issue

Another one of her Twitter posts accuses Visa and MasterCard of decades of puritanical censorship. She passionately Tweeted the following.

Mary explained that Pornhub is “how many of our fans find us and is at the top of Google searches.” She continues to say “It’s all about survival during the pandemic for many sex workers. I want to raise awareness of how it’s affecting us and hope that other mainstream publications, shows and sites will also cover this.”

Mary is asking sex workers across the globe to speak up and let their voices be heard. She encourages sending videos to Visa, Mastercard and Discover, to let them know the real issues behind their decision, and how it’s affecting real lives.

“The world needs to know and stand up with us against this huge injustice. Our fans and other sex workers have been working hard to get the message out there to credit card companies, in the hope they will really think about what they’re doing, reverse their decision, and help get sex workers back on their feet.”

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