Meana Wolf Releases Epic Scene Take My Soul & BTS

Stunning, insatiable immersive roleplay artist and adult model Meana Wolf released an epic scene and a BTS. “Take My Soul” is a cinematic triumph that made its debut in time to be considered for the upcoming awards season.

“Take My Soul” opens in the back hallway of a nightclub. Young woman Sindal Xie is about ready to fuck a guy, but then Meana the devil with fire eyes appears. Her sinister laugh and chilling voice makes Sindal question her existence. From there on, the story is through cinematic artistic tableaus that visually tell the tale of Sindal’s seduction by the devil. The two become ravenous she-devils and Sindal gets all she ever wanted, which is “feeding on the one who had power over her.” They’ve set their sights on a man, who they can devour, body and soul, in an unforgettable three-way. “Take My Soul” features incredible special effects and the music of the same name composed by KnuckleDuster Music Inc. Watch the trailer and 75-minute exclusive scene at

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Also, watch the 14-minute intimate Behind the Scenes footage showing some of the work that went into making the scene so special. If you’ve ever wondered how Meana and Jack Wolf work and the efforts that go into a scene like this, it’s a definite must-see. “Take My Soul – Behind the Scenes—BEHIND-THE-SCENES_vids.html is available for free for website members and non-members who sign up for a VOD. Join now at and have access to over 150 of Meana’s videos and much more.

“’Take My Soul’ was a labor of love and a project that I’ve been wanting to do for some time. Jack and Sindal made it a reality and in the best way possible. From the special effects to the music to the editing, everything came together and I’m excited for my fans and members to see it,” says Meana Wolf.

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