Has Facial Recognition Features to Increase User Fantasy Experience

Imagine having cyber sex with your secret crush? facial recognition features have made this all possible. Sort of!

Webcam sites haven’t evolved so much over the past decade. Of course there are some neat upgrades like being able to interact with toys performs are using, but aside from that, there’s not too much to go crazy about in an innovation sense. This, for us, changed when we came across some cool (or creepy) news that introduced a facial recognition feature. Yes, that’s right, facial recognition.

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It begged one to ask, what the fuck do they need a facial recognition feature for? But once we got the answer the more it made sense, in a creepy, weird, voyeuristic way.

The super camsite aggegator introduced this feature on a couple levels.

1: Look-a-like Search Function

The first is this: a search function that lets you upload pictures of your crush to find camgirls that look just like her.

According to Gizmodo, the site uses facial recognition software to make the match, and by doing so, the site explains, it will feel as if you are having live cam sessions and cyber sex with the person in the picture you uploaded.

2: Celebrity Look-a-like Function

The second is part to this facial recognition feature allows you to sift through a list of celebrity names, and the site will find camgirls that resemble your favorite celebrity. We tested some and it was pretty much less than a 50/50 match for most names we searched. The closest we found with maybe a 60-65% accuracy was SexyHelen who is to be the look-a-like of Amanda Bynes. Aside from that, don’t get your hopes up too much to find a much closer match.

Amanda Bynes (left), SexyHelen (right)

What Drives this Facial Recognition Feature

Techcrunch reported that they believe “…the API in question belongs to Microsoft — namely its Cognitive Services (née Project Oxford) visual image recognition APIs, and specifically its Face API which lets developers add the ability to detect human faces and compare similar ones, organize people into groups according to visual similarity, and identify previously tagged people in images.”

If this is true then this could mean that there might be privacy breaches in term of the anonymity that some camgirls might want, because the does not account for that.

What this means for users and camgirls

This is a big deal for users, especially if you are fantasizing about someone you have no contact or relationship to. This allows you to live out your fantasizes sort-of, kind-of, with that person. Imagine being able to have your secret fantasy come to life in cyberspace?

For the cam girls, if you are a look-a-like, this could mean more repeat viewers and increased retention, and maybe even more money. It may also mean that you may have a bum stalker on your hands so please be careful. Another thing to note again is that does not exclude your page if it pops up in the search, so you may lose the element of being anonymous as a camgirl if that was your goal.

What do you think about this feature from

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