Megan Sky: Model Profile

Megan Sky: I am a 26 year old Canadian girl, born in a small town merged over to the big city and loving it. I currently reside in Toronto, Ontario. I like to spend my time playing with animals, working out, reading and of course creating content! I love to learn..  I currently only speak English but am working towards learning other languages.


  • Name: Megan Sky
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5ft. 5in.
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Bust: 36 DD
  • Tattoos (how many and where): 4. Right upper arm, left collarbone, left upper back shoulder, right lower hip
  • Piercings (how many and where): Belly button and ears
  • Eye color: Blue/teal

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Fun Facts

Your turn-ons: Great Hygiene & a Good Sense of Humor

Your turn-offs: Bad Breath, Poor Hygiene, and really low intelligence.

Favorite food(s): Asian food and Mexican food!

Favorite music / musical artist: I love a wide variety of genres!  From EDM, House, Dubstep to R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop and Jazz/Funk music! I  just love music all around ! I can dance to just about anything 🙂

Your guilty pleasure(s):  Definitely chocolate ! Especially if I am stressed out, I can have quite the sweet tooth!

Do you consider yourself a clean freak, a messy mess, or somewhere in between the two: I’m more towards being messy… I am super unorganized at times and have my other reasons. But there are times when I will go on a crazy cleaning spree. But i’m definitely not a “clean freak.”

Your silliest fear: Sometimes just interacting with others.. you would never know it but I used to have terrible social anxiety when I was younger, and sometimes it still likes to creep up on me, although I’ve come a long way!

Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard:  “I’ve had such an off week, but just seeing you turns me on”

Your life right now in 3 words: So Insanely Unpredictable!

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