MFC Star, Jezabel Vessir is Stunning as Feature in March 2021 Issue of CAMStar

Jezabel Vessir rocks the house in the March 2021 issue of CAMStar mini magazine. The adult star and webcam performer shines in the feature with stunning images.

The former phone sex operator is a fun-loving babe and full of jokes. Jezabel says “you definitely need a thick skin to hang with us” in her webcam chat room. She continues, “We like to party, crack jokes, and talk about serious parts of life on the flip side, the silly things as well.” With a smile she toots “I’m great at telling jokes…I can’t do it on the spot but I love to joke around and laugh. My biggest strengths would be that I am full of love, gratitude, loyalty, and prowess.”

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When asked about what she loves most about camming, she humorously says “Talking…I love the sound of my own voice. Ha!”

Outside of the adult entertainment space, Jezabel Vessir loves to research a wide range of topics. She’s is a nutrition buff, and loves music and movies, sci-fi mostly. She say “I’m a big homebody, so I like being at the house and occasionally hanging out with friends. I also like to write poems and short stories.”

Her growing Instagram (Real Naked Princess) page of 5000+ followers will surely catapult into the tens of thousands soon. With her moves in adult video and her 7 year stand in web camming is a great foundation for this babe to stand on.

You can catch Jezabel Vessir in the March 2021 issue of CAMStar right here:

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