Mileena Kane Makes Dick Dangle Lose His Mind…Over German Food in New Episode!

Petite raven-haired sultry rebellious vixen with a voracious sex drive and self-described “camaholic”, Mileena Kane is the latest guest on the Danglin’ After Dark. Her episode will be remembered forever since she made host Dick Dangle lose his mind over German food.

Mileena Kane: Episode 316” is one of Mileena’s best interviews to date and covers a lot of ground. Her interview is the second part of the show and about 47 minutes into the current episode. Mileena gives the show’s listeners a peek into her crazy camming schedule and how she has worked literally every day of 2021, except a few Sundays. Despite all the work, she doesn’t get burnt out and stays grounded with remodeling houses and coffee shops in her free time.

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Mileena gives some insight into her success from confidence in being herself and not what everyone wants her to be. Dick and Mileena also chat about awards nominations (including her Cammy Awards nom for Best Butt), sugary snacks, sex toys, social media, conventions, her pets stealing the show, and twerking. And she blows Dick’s mind when she talks about her favorite German foods, which are his too. It’s a definite must-listen for her fans!

“This was one of the most fun interviews that I’ve done—Dick knows how to have a good time and really did his research. Even if you’re a longtime fan of mine, you’ll definitely learn a lot more about me,” says Mileena Kane.

“I was blown away by how confident Mileena is and what she has and will accomplish. She has a fantastic personality and earned the following she has. It’s seldom that you meet someone with a work ethic like hers, and she’s incredible at what she does,” says Dick Dangle.

Check out “Mileena Kane: Episode 316” on Dick Dangle’s website as well as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and iHeart.

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