Mona Lisa Smiles – The Lovely Red Headed Model

The Lovely Red Headed Model Still Can’t See Why People Want Her to Pose for Them!

Dee: Hi, I’m Dee – Bookworm, Libra, wife, mother, studio photographer, makeup artist, and model.  The quintessential jack of all trades, master of some.

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I’ve been a freelance plus model for roughly 18 months now.  I’ve built a small following on Instagram and shoot everything from portrait to nudes and fetish. It’s weird for me to wrap my head around the fact that people seem to want a chubby red head to pose for them, but here we are.

I’ve spent most of my time “in the industry” hiding my personal life from my followers. It’s not that I really have anything to hide, it was that in my mind keeping things so separate was the best way to keep everything professional. I’ve learned over the last few months that people want to be able to identify with the content they’re seeing, they want transparency and accessibility.

I’ve used modeling as a way to develop a stronger sense of self confidence and embrace body positivity. I love being able to use my body to create art. There have been more than a few hiccups along the way, I’ve had quite a few conversations about the nature of nudity and the fact that not all nudity is inherently sexual. And more than a few conversations about censorship, but over all its been a fantastic adventure.

If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone just looking to start out it’s don’t let the ebb and flow discourage you. It can be especially difficult as a freelance model to have consistent bookings, and even more so when you are new. You will have people who flake, you will have people you don’t mesh with, you may even have uncomfortable experiences. Just remember, that these experiences are not the norm, and if you keep going, you will give yourself the opportunity to meet some incredible people and create some amazing art along that way.

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons: Intelligence

Your turn-offs: Arrogance, chewing with your mouth open

Favorite food(s): Pasta

Favorite music/musical artist: I listen to everything from show tunes to heavy metal.

Favorite book(s): Legacy by Susan Kay

Favorite body feature(s): My hair

Favorite color(s): Red

Your sexiest kink(s): Bondage, spanking, biting, choking

Favorite adult or fashion model(s): Lilly Cole and Miss Deadly Red

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