Movie Monday: After Dark

Fro Movie Monday, let’s do another throwback. This one came out in 2018 and was Vixen’s first foray into feature films. It’s a title called After Dark, starring Tori Black. You might recall that she had just made her cumback to the industry just prior to this and the movie was heralded by fans and critics alike, receiving not only an XCritic Pick but a number of industry award nominations and winning some of the most coveted awards. Some of you might have this title in your permanent collection as you should while others may have just ventured into the land of adult cinema and are wondering what’s a good one to own? Well for the ones that already possess this – kudos to you for paying attention and for the newcomers make sure to get this one on your shelf! Here’s the XCritic review of it, penned by John Boy.

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