My Young Hotwife 3 – New Sensations

New Sensations directors Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest have a penchant for capturing the thrill of the hotwifing kink; this is their second entrant into this particular series. Not only are they comfortable creating this fantasy, but they also have a knack for assembling lusty casts.

Summer Col and Will Pounder:

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Summer wakes up the morning after a steamy affair with Will that was set up by her husband. She trembles with pleasure thinking about Will’s throbbing meat filling her throat, the thickness of his cock stretching her pussy, his hungry mouth on her pointed nipples. Will really gives it to Summer: choking her as he thrusts her pussy rhythmically, folding her into a sexy side spoon which sends waves of pleasure through her body, pounding her hard in a standing missionary in front of the bedroom’s picturesque French doors. It’s a great finish to a sexy story.

Macy Meadows and Tyler Nixon:

What a way to start a story! Macy Meadows stares intently at someone as her breasts heave with passion and her engorged nipples stretch towards the heavens. Tyler Nixon gazes at her with approval, relaying to her husband everything Macy is doing. Her husband’s only request is that the couple take some pictures so he can share their experience. Macy is so cute and innocent, and she looks stunning in red. She fits the model for the story perfectly. Tyler tears her cute ass up too. He bends her over the couch and pounds her from behind, he lets her ride him (holy cute ass, Batman!) while watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy, and she squirts all over herself multiple times from the sheer joy of it all. Tyler showers her (holy pop shot!), then takes photos of her messy body and sends them along to Macy’s husband.

Kay Lovely and Jason Moody:

Kay Lovely is feeling the jitters that come with hotwifing for the first time. When she walks in and sees the man her husband has set her up with, she scuttles away to the bathroom to call him. Her husband reassures her, and mustering her courage, she returns to the living room to carry out her husband’s fantasy. Wow, does Kay have a lovely (pun intended!) rack! The best thing about this scene is how often Kay’s tits are on screen undulating under the impact of Jason Moody thrusting into her pussy — and also, the casual way she asks Moody to fuck her harder, then whimpers with pleasure as he does. is really enticing.

Kimmy Kimm and Chad Alva:

The tables are turned in this scene, and it is Chad Alva who is the nervous party. Kimmy assures him that everything will be fine, as she and her husband do this kind of thing all the time — and her reassurance emboldens Chad to buy into the lifestyle completely. Cowgirl is one of the most popular positions in porn, and it’s because it’s such a visually striking position. You see things in cowgirl that you just don’t get in other positions. For example, Kimmy’s ass rolls like waves on a choppy ocean, and her hips piston like an engine in overdrive as she rides the hell out of Chad. It. Looks. Amazing. Chad also smashes Kimmy in other positions, rocking her body like a buoy thrown to and fro on the surf. Delightful.

The strength of this film is, without a doubt, the cast. Despite their relative inexperience, the women in this film all shine in their own ways. Macy is fantastic, and Kimmy is a vision. Both do a good job embracing the fantasy of their scenes, while Kay Lovely’s ample bosom is worth the price of admission.

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