Natalie Brooks Ends Her Friend’s Sexual Frustration in ‘Women Seeking Women 175’

Porn star and OnlyFans babe Natalie Brooks is close friends with Penny Pax and the latter has a problem: she’s lonely. Her girlfriend, Ivy Labelle, spends all of her time working. She just doesn’t understand that Penny has needs! A lot of needs. Sexual needs. Dirty sexual needs.

Welcome to Women Seeking Women 175 (Girlfriends Films), where Natalie is ready to do anything to make her friend happy. The one thing that would make Penny happy now is a little mutual muff exploration with her girl Natalie. They’ve been friends for so long and now it’s time to unleash years of lust and adoration for each other!

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In My Neighbor’s Daughter Is My Secret Cock Slut 2 (Lethal Hardcore), Natalie’s parents just left the house and she immediately ran to Jerry the neighbor’s house. The girl wants to “hang out,” which everyone knows means “hookup” to the kids today. They makeout a bit, but then suddenly he thinks better of it. “I golf with your dad! We’re neighbors…” Natalie doesn’t see the problem with either of those things and the latter is certainly an advantage. “But I haven’t had your cock in so long!” she tells him.

Next thing you know, Jerry is sucking on her little titties and Natalie is working her way out of her clothes. They take turns playing each other’s organs and rimming the other’s ass and then the young girl gets her twat pounded by her dad’s golfing buddy and if he thinks fucking her that good is going to keep her away, he just doesn’t understand this girl’s desires.


Natalie’s art isn’t limited to satisfying a girlfriend or getting bopped by the neighbor, she can such a mean cock, too. In Teens Throated 7 (Throated), she takes on Ryan McLane’s long dong. After a long and very sexy tease, things switch gears quickly into a messy, throat-pounding, makeup messing, cram-it-and-ram-it Throated Challenge.

The girl can give a sloppy deep throat blowjob with the absolute best of them and this is definitely on the shortlist for the best oral scenes she’s ever done and arguably one of the best that has come out to DVD in 2020.



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