Penny Barber Gives XCritic One of the Most Comprehensive Interviews of Her Career

Kinky Mommy Dom and adult amateur clips artist Penny Barber has been in high demand on set and with interviewers. She recently sat down with XCritic for one of the most comprehensive interviews of her career and it’s a must-read.

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Written by veteran writer Jim Steele, “The XCritic Interview: Penny Barber” will make you feel like you’re hanging out and chilling with Penny at a party or industry event. The two talk about her look and being a chameleon going from a nerdy girl next door to domme and doing more mainstream but keeping the latex.

Penny also talks about starting in the industry in 2003 by answering a Craig’s List ad, self-booking, shooting with other directors and studios that share her vision, and the importance of sticking to a work schedule and making “me” time. At one point in the interview, Penny points out Jim’s preoccupation with strap-ons and asks if he wants a custom. Other points of interest covered also include upcoming projects, books she’s written, awards nominations, and much more. Jim gives her a lot of high praise throughout the piece calling her an “enigma,” “one of the fastest rising actresses in the adult industry,” and “an incredibly strong woman and an equally capable performer.”

“Jim had some really great questions and he’s a good sport, especially when I tease him about strap-ons,” says Penny Barber. “I hope all the XCritic readers enjoy the interview, as well as my fans. Thank you so much, Jim and XCritic.”

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her realm, the interview is informative and entertaining. Read “The XCritic Interview: Penny Barber” and view some stunning new fetish photos of her at

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