Penny Barber Guests on The Manwhore Podcast

On Kinky Mommy Dom Penny Barber’s last visit to the City of Sin, she sat down with comedian Billy Procida to record the sex-positive NSFW Manwhore Podcast. Now, the episode is out, and it’s a must-listen.

In “Episode 303: My Husband, My Boyfriend & Me with Porn Star Penny Barber”, they discuss Penny surviving her first really big fan tradeshow, meeting Nina Hartley at, their idea for a show called “Coffee and a Hand Job”, creepy fans, how the industry has changed since she first started, working for herself and controlling her own content, how men masturbating get her off, her first scene with Romi Rain, and much more. Her interview is about 30 minutes into the episode.

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“Episode 303: My Husband, My Boyfriend & Me with Porn Star Penny Barber” is available on Apple Podcasts, as well as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

“Penny is such a minx and should be everyone’s favorite. It was great hearing how her nontraditional relationship model developed and what her experience in this changing industry has been,” says Billy Procida.

“Billy’s podcast is truly an original, and it was great to discuss so many topics. I hope my fans enjoy it,” says Penny Barber.

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