Piper Blush Offers Surprise Free 2 months on her Patreon

Busty French-Canadian amateur adult content creator and YouTuber Piper Blush announced to her faithful fans that she is offering 2 months free access to her Patreon account.

The slim figured creator recently sent a special email to her fans who are a part of her “Secret Group” announcing that she will be offering this free access for a limited and urged them to “Lock in this discount now before it ends!

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Here is a excerpt from her message.

Hi Secret Group Member, 

You get a discount of 2 months free! When you choose to pay for Patreon on an annual basis. It’s a great way to show your support and in addition, it helps reduce transaction fees. You’ll get access to the content you help create. And reduce the chance your credit card declines in the future. Lock in this discount now before it ends!

If you are a part of Piper’s secret group then you are in luck, just check your email for this. If you are brand new, then you can also take advantage. Another part of her message reads, “New patrons, visit my Patreon page where you’ll see the option below the “Join” button of your chosen tier.

Piper made a name for herself on YouTube by uploading suggestive and racy content that was often flagged as adult content. She later tamed things down a little, still teasing her gawking fans. At the same time, she actively built a thriving independent adult content, utilizing avenues like her website, OnlyFans, Patreon, and partnering with adult studios to spread influence and build her fanbase. And it worked.

Check out Piper Blush online:

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