– the Digital Sexual Revolution for the Adult Social Media World

Welcome to, the Digital Sexual Revolution. The site says it all: “Explore the sexy social site where you can anonymously connect, shop, learn and play – all in your personally sex styled universe.

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Shortly after we signed up to the site, we watched a video featuring Heather Montgomery, the Founder and CEO of She spoke about her idea of “undressing” the state of the industry as it pertains to social media. Which of course needs to be addressed. She continued, speaking on how she’s tired of beating around the bush with adult content, and needed an outlet to make things easier and more accessible for 18+ content creators.

Though was mainly inspired to cater to mostly women, it is opened itself up to everyone. This new adult social media platform clapping back against the 2018 internet laws that heavily restrict adult content creators from posting and promoting their brand freely. Another forerunner in the adult social media space is, who’s also doing a banger job. But seems to be bringing something a little different.

PleazeMe is currently in beta stage but will soon be opened up. This means that you will need to send in a request for an invite and you will be vetted before you’re accepted. The platform is geared towards businesses, brands and content creators. Below Heather’s video,the site clearly states “If you’re looking to share content and attract attention in the sex-positive space, this is the site you need to be on.” It continues to read “PleazeMe provides you the opportunity to connect with an interested and engaged audience that is specifically looking for content that will help them improve their sex lives and relationships…We offer you the opportunity to share your ideas and your message undiluted and unfettered by the sex-negative censorship of other content platforms.”

The design of the website is both brilliant and beautiful using blue, fuchsia and purple gradients that accent whites and light greys. In the upper left corner to the right of the PM logo you’ll have the option to select which world you want to explore, and there’s 7, Lynz, Avior, Elara, Janus, Triton, Vega, and Zeta. Each world with it’s own unique set of content.

The exciting thing about PleazeMe is that there’s an emphasis on being anonymous, so you can share whatever you want without fear of personal or professional embarrassment, especially when you don’t really want others knowing about your personal kinky lifestyle. Kudos for this. There are also some really cool tools you can use to promote your brand that I see as a possibility with PleazeMe.

We hope the site stays pure to it’s purpose, because one thing we do anticipate, as great as the platform is, some may simply use it as a spamming tool, which can degrade the value and overall experience that the site was meant to present.

If you haven’t heard about, now you have. If you want to get in early, visit the website and sign up for early access.

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