Powerhouse Adult Industry Vet Andra Chirnogeanu Announced as CEO of the New Premium Social Media Platform myonly.chat

(AMSTERDAM, Netherlands) New premium social media platform myonly.chat has officially launched, announcing powerhouse adult industry vet Andra Chirnogeanu as CEO.

myonly.chat’s new CEO, Andra Chirnogeanu, previously headed up sales and marketing for the Bucharest Summit and spent six years marketing and branding Studio20’s over 30 studios and building brands for their top models. Chirnogeanu has scored many awards for her stellar accomplishments, including Marketing Exec of the Year from XBIZ’s Executive Awards, Best Company Ambassador from GFY Awards, and Best Company Representative and Best Marketing Campaign from the AW Awards. She’s also been featured in countless media such as Vice, BBC, InfoBae Argentina, Voyage LA, The Economist, XBIZ, YNOT, AVN, and Camlife.

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myonly.chat is a new platform that allows adult content creators, influencers, performers, and cam models to stay connected with their fans. Offering both a premium and freemium model built on Telegram and is powered by chargedDM. And to kick things off, they’re offering 100% payouts, plus a $300 extra bonus for models who shut down their OnlyFans accounts by signing on with myonly.chat.

“The past six years working with Studio20 have been some of the best and most challenging years of my professional career. I’m grateful for the many lessons I’ve learned, countless experiences gained, and the people that I trained, taught, and allowed me to be part of their growth,” says myonly.chat CEO, Andra Chirnogeanu. “I’m incredibly excited about this new opportunity and my new position. I believe that myonly.chat is a wonderful tool for performers to monetize their content that’s better and easier than anything out there. It’s also safe to promote it on social media, which has been a problem for many other content selling platforms,”

Find out more about myonly.chat and start your own free channel at myonly.chat.

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