Rebecca Vanguard Makes Pure Taboo Debut & Goes the Extra Mile

Smoking hot, all-natural adult content creator Rebecca Vanguard has made her Pure Taboo debut in one of the most powerful scenes of 2020 on the iconic site.

In “The Extra Mile,” Rebecca plays Carla, an assistant who’s thankful to have a job. Her boss Monica Grant (Olive Glass) is a tough woman to work for and demanding. She’s also manipulative and makes Carla do some extremely personal errands for her that make her very uncomfortable. But when Monica demands her assistant Carla to fuck her husband Bobby (Dan Ferrari), things take a dark turn. Bobby likes younger women, and when he’s happy, Monica’s happy. Monica tells Carla her job is to do what she asks when she asks. Not wanting to lose her job Carla does what she’s told and fucks Dan on Monica’s desk while she watches.

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“I’ve always wanted to work for Pure Taboo, and my dream has become a reality,” says Rebecca Vanguard. “In 2020, I’ve worked for a lot of the top studios and even got to show off my acting skills, which brought my career to the next level thanks to my agents, Jonathan and Andre. If you like this scene, let Adult Time know by giving it a ‘thumbs-up,’ so they will cast me in more of their projects.”

Watch the trailer and exclusive scene and view the photoset at

Rebecca Vanguard, The Extra Mile – Trailer

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