Rebecca Vanguard Returns to Girlsway with Something to Prove

Smoking hot, all-natural porn star and clips creator Rebecca Vanguard has returned to Girlsway for her second scene, and she’s got something to prove.

“Are You Good Enough for My Daughter?” stars Rebecca and Aila Donovan and directed by Casey Calvert and Eli Cross. Alia is cleaning her daughter Emma’s room, finds her cellphone, and texts her new girlfriend, Rebecca. Aila lures her over to the house to quiz her on her commitment to her daughter Emma. It’s Rebecca’s first lesbian relationship, and Aila wants to make sure she’s committed. It’s up to Rebecca to prove she’s giving her daughter a good sex life. Aila says she’ll accept their relationship if Rebecca has sex with her so that she can see firsthand. Will Rebecca measure up? Watch “Are You Good Enough for My Daughter?” and find out. See the trailer and member-exclusive at

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“Girlsway is one of my favorite companies to work with—they hire amazing talent, the scripts are very creative, and their sets are always fun. Plus, girl/girl is one of my favorite types of content to film. I hope my second Girlsway scene does as well with the members and fans as the first one did. I’d love to film with them more,” says Rebecca Vanguard.

Rebecca’s debut Girlsway scene “Suspicious Sister-in-Law” with Alison Rey was well received by members with a 93% approval rating, and it’s also critically acclaimed. Check it out at

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