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I’m not sure if “ripe” is a term referring to succulence, or age, or both, as they pertain to the delicious female porn specimens in “Ripe 11.” I do know that when I saw Nicole Aria’s photo and name on the DVD box cover, I was immediately sold. She’s just so downright attractive, fun-loving, juicy, and nasty. Yes, the all-natural beauty takes it up the caboose here from performer (and director) Manuel Ferrara, while there’s also such tasty “ripe” tarts as Delilah Day, Apryl Rein and (hubba, hubba) Aria Lee getting the Ferrara treatment.

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Sometimes, the glam stuff bores me on these gonzos, but not when it involves short-haired, curvy, luscious brunette Nicole Aria, which — as teaser footage should always be — stands as a primer for the upcoming, full-on sucking and fucking. And the hardcore action is positively stupendous with all-around pretty/perverted Nicole. I love how, initially, she just grabs and shakes her bountiful, pillow-like ass cheeks, later spreading her pinker-than-pink pussy for the camera. Nicole’s a phenomenal dick and ball licker, even going down below and licking Manuel’s culo — and check out how she sticks up her world-class ass while doing so! Magnificent! Cowgirl-vadge with Nicole’s bodacious booty is superb, as Ferrara squeezes the hell out of her fine little tits. During spoon, he sticks his uncut prick straight up her ass. Naturally, this all-out anal princess adores it. Reverse-cowgirl buttfucking (shot from Ferrara’s point of view) is like doggie (yes!), with Nicole soon craving (and getting!) a nice, fresh ATM. And, of course, doggie-anal with this butt-i-licious babe is out of this world, before Ferrara pulls out, has her worship his French nuts, then squirts a shower of custard all over that sweet face. I can never get enough of Nicole. She’s the best!

Day is a cute-faced blondie, also with small titties and a slightly big ass — fully augmented by a pair of open-derriere black fishnets — with our girl excelling at cowgirl (where she’s in charge), spoon (during which Ferrara takes over), and doggie (ditto); Day’s expressions of deep lust are particularly fun to view, all the way up to Ferrara’s unleashing of his usual copious amount of squirt, which Day takes like a true champ. Thadda girl, Delilah!

Next to Nicole, another “Ripe 11” highlight is the equally gorgeous, short-haired Apryl Rein, who has another killer smile, small breasts (with large pierced nipples!), and one truly meaty butt (not quite as juicy as Nicole’s, but that Rein rear is fairly awesome); the scrumptious vixen loves her own passionate Ferrara annihilation on (believe it or not) a bed rather than a sofa. I love how Apryl’s tits jiggle during spoon-vadge, and check out those in-your-face thighs during jackhammer-missionary. Doggie is a magical moment with this curvy coquette. But I was disappointed that we see a butt plug up her ass during most of the scene, yet she doesn’t get her backdoor busted by boner — though Ferrara does stick a finger in that magical crack a few times. Another great moment is the way Rein continues to suck the top of Ferrara’s rod as it fills her mouth full of froth. Rein rocks!

And lastly, long-haired, small-breasted, hefty-bootied sweetheart Aria Lee offers up one of the movie’s very best face-fuckings (lots of spit and eye contact), while this bawdy brunette’s own ample ass is so floppy and gelatinous, it’s a constant joy to behold during doggie, spoon, and (especially) cowgirl, while her expressions of lust during missionary are some of the best in the movie, seeing as she’s so completely lost while getting seriously slammed by Manuel meat. And check out the mouthful of sperm Lee takes and relishes before the shot fades out. Awesome.

While blonde Day is a vision, indeed, to witness as she gets potently pounded by Ferrara’s Parisian pud, the brunettes definitely take the cake in “Ripe 11,” with non-stop, hard-on-inducing performances from decadent beauties (in order of personal preference) Nicole, Aria Lee, and Apryl. Recommended!

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