Scarlet Lyone – Painted Red: Girl Nexxxt Door Releases Taboo New Site Clip

Scarlet Lyone works hard to ensure high quality new content releases each and every week on her site, Last week she blew fans minds with her first-ever girl/girl strap on scene. This week Australia’s Number One Adult Entertainer and Content Creator delves into the taboo – blood play.

“I’ve always been attracted to things that are a little taboo,” says Scarlet. “This is why I love the sex industry so much. My sensitivity and sex drive are heightened during that ‘time of the month’ so this week I chose to film something that isn’t incredibly common in the porn industry.”

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Scarlet on Babepedia:

Despite fans showing interest in the taboo topic, Scarlet’s research turned up few clips, and, on some platforms, outright banning of menstrual content. That’s where being her own boss with her own platform once again paid off.

“Pornhub has few videos of ‘play in the red’ and Onlyfans does not allow their performers to post such content at all,” Scarlet notes. “This is where the beauty of owning your own website comes in to play, there are no rules, no limits to what I can do.”

In that spirit, the enchanting entrepreneur forged ahead into uncharted waters.

“I have filmed a scene titled Painted Red to cater to the niche market with one of my favourite clear dildos for my site audience to watch and enjoy,” Scarlet announces. “This has been one of my highest viewed videos to date. I love knowing I’m not the only one who is attracted to things that are a little taboo!”

Scarlet didn’t stop there! She also filmed and released new content celebrating the America’s Independence.

“My American fans are incredibly embracing of me and I owe them so much, so I made my little salute to the red, white and blue,” says Scarlet. “I’ve always aspired to shine like the 50 stars on the American flag and hopefully my ass is big enough to be the 51st star on that flag. Happy Independence Day, America!”

See them both now along with the rest of her exclusive content at Scarlet’s official website at New members enjoy a half off discount, $5 for the first month!

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