Self-Care Tips for Pregnant Cam Girls from Industry vet Jackie Backman

When Jackie Backman drops some information on camming and self care, you better listen up. The 12 year industry veteran specializing in copywriting, beauty, and social media management. And oh, did we forget to mention that she is the Content Manager for

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In a recent article published on XBIZ‘s website Backman covers several self care practices pregnant adult webcam performers can benefit from. The article opens up by celebrating the well known fact that pregnant women are fucking beautiful, but with this beauty comes the good and the bad. Backman says “Pregnant women are sexy…From the glow of your skin to the ever-changing curves of your body…So, it comes as no surprise that the pregnancy niche is exploding on cam platforms everywhere.” She then covers and important point that while some women decide to take some time off work during the pregnancy, other decide to continue to work, whatever their reasons may be. Backman also affirms that their are many benefits to camming while pregnant. She says “…there are many benefits to camming while pregnant aside from the extra income. Your hormones make orgasms more intense, for example, and the increased sensitivity and pressure in your pelvic region make it easier to squirt (seriously)!”

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We’ve cut this list to only 5 tips here, but you can read the entire article and all 7 tips on XBIZ website for yourself.

Tip #1: Pussy Care

Backman reiterates that camming while pregnant is absolutely safe, but consulting your doctor is always a good idea. As your body is going through its many changes and hormonal highs and lows, and your body prone to certain sensitivities, your pussy may experience some swelling during or after your sessions. She advises to “take a break if you feel uncomfortable and apply cold packs to bring the swelling down.

Tip #2: Regularly Sanitize your Toys

You can safely use most sex toys during pregnancy unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Again consult your doctor in case they may tell your otherwise based on certain concerns. If your toys are made from sturdy materials like Pyrex or stainless steel, you can go a step further and boil them in plain water or run them through the dishwasher (sans detergent) on the top rack.

Tip #3: Groom and Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself by going to a salon with all the proper safety protocols in place and let them handle it while you sit back and relax. It becomes more and more difficult to properly groom yourself as your pregnancy progresses, so spending some time at the spa, getting a pregnant specific massage or getting your honey to help with trimming your hairs back rubs and the like is always a good idea.

Tip# 4: Kick Negativity

Backman states that your viewers are generally very positive, but there are always those few negative ass-holes that may interrupt the good vibes in your chat room. She says don’t hesitate to kick anyone who refuse to respect the rules of your chat room.

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Tip #5: Have Fun

This one is simple. Backman puts is like this “The most important thing you can do during this exciting time in your life is to have fun!”. Some pregnant models really use this an an opportunity to have some real fun. They love and explore their bodies in ways only a pregnant woman can. “You can even incorporate some pregnancy cosplay and fetishes into your repertoire” says Backman. Also consider that your fans are often eager to help you along your journey so don’t hesitate to share your baby registry and Wishlist with them.

We salute all the hard working pregnant women out there, whether camming or pushing a 9-5 job. You are amazing, incredible, beautiful, and courageous, and we wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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