Sex Toys Save Lives!

OK! Maybe the title is a little extreme but sex toys do serve an important role in today’s pop culture.

Long gone are the days where talking about sex and sex toys were taboo. Enter into the age of free speech and free pleasure. The sex toy industry has boomed in the past decade, becoming more accessible to any and everyone seeking to up their pleasure game whether they go solo or with a mate.

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What’s caused the surging sex toy frenzy?

In an article written by Katherine Schreiber and Heather Hausenblas Ph.D. and posted to Psychology Today titled “How Sex Toys Impact Relationships“, the authors stated “While 53% of heterosexual women report having ever used a sex toy, 86% of women who have sex with women say they’ve used a sex toy — and experienced a noticeable uptick in sexual satisfaction because of it.”

The article further stated “Generally speaking, couples who can explore novel ways of being intimate —including trying out one or more sex toys — tend to fare better in terms of maintaining passion and desire (in addition to relationship satisfaction) over the long haul. A 2016 study conducted by Chapman University’s David Frederick, Ph.D., found that women and men who reported feeling satisfied by their relationship and the sex that they had with their partners were more likely to report having used sex toys together — in addition to other activities, such as taking a shower together, trying new positions in bed, and scheduling a date night to have sex.

Men vs. The Sex Toy

You love your vibrator and your dildos. Yes you do right? When it comes to heterosexual males in relationships, maybe not so much. Though the thought of sprucing up your sex life with the latest thruster all sounds good, the other side to this is that it’s believed that many guys feel inadequate when their partner suggests using a sex toy. It’s reported that some men feel like suggesting the use of a sex toy during sex is a shot to their manhood. And in a world that says size matters, no wonder there’s a sense of competition. And it’s a fight for any man to compare to any dildo or vibrator. If you are in a relationship with a man and you suggest a sex toy, and they are less than enthused, you may want to consider his feelings and communicate with him about it. The Globe and Mail article titled “My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” sums things up nicely, “Ultimately, you have to explain to your husband that you love sex with him. Reassure him that nothing can replace his manhood. But like most things, sex becomes way more interesting when you add a little technology to the mix.”

In the end, it’s up to you how you choose to approach this with your partner. By yourself it’s all gravy, but when it comes to using sex toys with someone else, communication is key. Never assume. But from experience, I don’t know why one wouldn’t want to use toys during play. It really helps to intensify, lighten, and even cause for experimental play.

Do you use sex toys with your mate? How was it first introduced to your relationship(s).

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