Sheena Rose Launches Podcast Thought of a THOT

ALT tatted petite stunner cam model and clip artist Sheena Rose’s dream has become a reality—she’s launched her own podcast, Thought of a THOT.

The first episode of Thought of a THOT is now available. Sheena’s first guest is her real-life friend Sucia (aka Digital Girlfriend), an ex-dancer, webcam model, entrepreneur, and more. The ladies dish on mainstream celebs who are trying to cash in on OnlyFans and what went down between Bella Thorne and her sister on IG. Sucia lets listeners in on her business ventures, including helping sex workers gain access to health insurance and a recent traumatic incident that happened to her at a dog rescue while volunteering. Sheena and Lucia also delve into insecurities and being a sex worker and much more.

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Check out Episode 1 of Thought of a THOT at, Anchor, and Spotify,. Watch the video version on XBIZ TV—Sucia-episode-1-of-Thoughts-With-Thots-with-Sheena-Rose. Support the show at only $4.99 a month to help cover costs of the website, sound equipment, and more at

“I wanted to start the podcast last month, but it was an incredibly busy month,” says Sheena Rose. “Sucia was an incredible first guest and made the first episode go so well—it was just like when we’re on the phone or going out to eat, only you get to listen to us talk. Please keep listening and support the show financially if you can.”

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