Sheena Rose Makes Her Naked News Debut Tomorrow & It’s a Def Must-See

ALT tatted stunning petite fetish, cam, and clip model Sheena Rose recently interviewed with Naked News host and producer Laura Desiree—the episode is set to debut Thursday, June 3rd, and it’s a definite must-see for Sheena’s fans.

Known as the hottest news show on the planet, Naked News hosts serve up the news like no one else. The Schmooze features the hottest adult stars. This week, sexy and sassy host/producer Laura Desiree welcomes Sheena. The two ladies talk about Sheena’s journey from adult performer to cam star and content creator, her amazing ink, her goals for 2021 and beyond, and much more. During the interview, viewers will be treated to photos and videos of Sheena in B-roll, plus Laura is naked and Sheena is topless.

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“I’ve always wanted to be on Naked News, and I’m so excited the interview is coming out—I hope my fans and their viewers enjoy it! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to my world, you’ll definitely learn something and be entertained,” says Sheena Rose.

Sheena’s interview is available exclusively for Naked News members—it will air tomorrow and be available 24/7 at It will be on the front page and make its way to the “Segments” tab later in the week. If you’re not already a subscriber, join now to watch Sheena’s interview and other entertaining adult content at

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