Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans Chasen and Max Dream Offer Valentine’s Day Advice

Chasen and Max Dream, top courtesans at Nevada’s famous legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch, open up about the art of pleasing a woman on Valentine’s Day in a new blog post at

To find pleasure and happiness in love, Chasen emphasizes the special care on the basics – gifts, attention and romance – writing, “Gift giving is a lot like sex…a golden rule is to ask your partner what they want, then give it to them… she’ll have more appreciation and use for a gift she truly wanted.”

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Chasen says that “I’m always impressed when someone remembers a small detail of my life or goes out of their way to be considerate… being attentive requires active listening. This will make you a better lover, partner and friend.

“Also, be generous and genuine with your compliments. Flirt with her and make her laugh. Wine and dine her. No matter what you’ve been told, it’s not cliché to send her flowers… romantic gestures like these will help you open up and be more vulnerable with your partner, and vice- versa, which will make your relationship healthier and stronger.”

Dream adds, “It is said that everyone has a love language… individuals feel and receive affection by different means. Listen to their wants, needs and concerns… be sure to do little things every day to keep your partner feeling special. If you do this regularly, every V Day will be amazing because there will be no question in your lover’s mind as to how you feel about them.

“In planning something special and unique to your partner’s desires, you have already created the perfect day to them. That is the truest definition of being thoughtful. In my personal opinion, it really is the thought that counts. Remember that and your efforts will not go unnoticed.”

To those without a partner on Valentine’s Day, Chasen advises “to go out into social settings and meet new people. Sheri’s Ranch is a great place to start. Make an appointment for a date with me or any one of the lovely ladies here. We’ll help you practice how to be a good lover.

“Tip: it’s a turn-on for me when clients ask me for advice, whether it be sexual, dating, romantic, etc. Come in with an open mind…you’ll leave with fun memories and a little better equipped in pleasing a woman.”

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