She’s So Foxy: Down and Dirty With Miss Fox

Miss Fox is dazzles in her images with her bouncy blonde hair and her piercing bluish grey eyes. It’s difficult to miss this beauties tattoos, they’re all over but all tastefully placed, and designed with master craftsmanship. Miss Fox, a confessed former “anything cats” lover is a little mysterious online, and we think that’s how she’d prefer it to be, giving just enough, leaving a lot on intrigue.

We’re delighted to have Miss fox dive into some questions we had for her. This one is a real treat.

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Tell us a little about yourself growing up; and What were your favorite TV shows, hobbies?
So I used to be obsessed with anything cats.. Top Cat.. Loved! Astrocats (Aristocats) (… Lovedddd and I used to walk around pretending I was a cat til I started year 7…which was pretty embarrassing now I look back.. But I didn’t care back then so you’ve got to admire that innocence haha! I also used to be pretty artistic and I would draw for days on end..that was where my tattoo addiction must have started.. I even started piercing and tattooing myself at school which didn’t go down well with my mum.. But I didn’t care!

At what age was your first crush?
Ah I must have been about 8..i used to think Johnny bravo off cartoon network was hot.. God knows why I was a weird child ?

Looking back at your childhood, what’s one thing you would tell you adolescent self?
Don’t listen to the haters because they only end up unhappy.. Oh and don’t party too hard aha

Through high school, what were you best known for?
Oh my well I’d say it would have been the weird girl who listened to weird “emo music” or the girl who pierced herself all the time.. I was pretty bad for it I just wanted so much metal in my face back then.. Now I’ve taken most of my piercings out aha.

How were the boys with you in high school; we’re they at your mercy, or did they keep their distance?
Boys hated me.. I was way too weird.. Now-a-days they message me saying that I’ve definitely got hot…But back then I was definitely not the girl boys wanted haha.. I can see why though I was a pretty odd child!

Tell us about your first sexual experience, and what did you discover about yourself?
I can remember watching my first porno.. From then on I loved it.. I’d use my shitty Nintendo DS to look at dick pics (cringe) and then I started discovered the real thing which was like heaven ahaha.

What led or inspired you to creating content online?
I actually got dared to work at a strip club and really enjoyed it.. But then the travel was costing too much so I looked into online work and now I really enjoy the reactions I get when I do shows!

What else do you want to pursue in life, for fun or as a career?
I’m actually looking to go to university to study fashion photography so I can move to Australia as a successful photographer!

Of all the things you’ve done in your life, what are you most excited about, or most proud of?
I didn’t have a very good childhood so was a pretty reckless teen. I was very hard on drugs and didn’t have a permanent home so was always being moved around. But I worked hard and am now a proud cat mother of 2 and have my own place!

As you share your content, what’s the most common feedback you get from your audience?
Orgasms…Lots and lots of Orgasms ahahaha

What’s one talent most people don’t know you have?
I actually sing… I used to write music and did a few shows.. I actually auditioned for the voice but now I just don’t have the time!

What’s one thing you must do before you take your last breath?
I want to tell someone “the treasure is buried in the….” then go.. So that they never find out what I was going to say.. I think that would be the best way to go ahahha

Fun Facts

Your turn-ons:
Rough rough rough…I love being bossed around in the bedroom.

Your turn-offs:
Someone who smells.. Or is too nice.. I like the chase so if they give in too easily that’s boring.. Nope not for me.

Favorite food(s):
Mexican food… I love spice!

Favorite music / musical artist:
I like everything to be honest.. I am currently into house music and d&b but if I was to say who’s inspired me the most.. Elvis Presley is the man!

Favorite movie(s):
Fight club… I’ll watch it on repeat and it still never gets old!

Favorite book(s):
I’m not a big reader I have the attention span of a goldfish aha

Favorite body feature(s):
My bum..or my legs… I always get compliments on them two

Wildest fantasy:
To have mad rough sex with a bad boy just before the police come in to arrest him for murder.. I mean I said I like a bad boy… 😉

Dumbest shit you’ve ever done:
Ahh Well I saw a homeless man once so decided to give him my pot noodle.. Only to realise that he wouldn’t be able to cook it.. I had good intentions but it just didn’t go to plan.. I’m so ditsy…

Craziest place(s) you’ve ever had sex:
Oh god I feel like I’m lacking in crazy places! Me and my ex had sex in the woods once whilst people were walking past with their dogs.. But out door sex seems tame now days

Favorite color(s):
Black, black, black.. Like my soul

Favorite car(s):
I loveeeee VWs I want an old bug one day in matte black!

Your sexiest kink(s):
Ooo I like being strangled.. And spat on…I just like being treated like dirt in the bedroom I’m a weird one.

Who do you secretly want to make out with?
Oooo I’d definitely give Russell Brand a good lick.. He’s tasty god damnnn.

Last Words

Thank you for the opportunity, make sure everyone goes and follows my social media links I release new material on my only fans almost every day and I also sell used “items” if you know what I mean 😉

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