Tana Mongeau’s Hot and Sexy 21st Birthday Instagram Posts

Tana Mongeau is now legal in all US states, and virtually everywhere else in the world for that matter. The now 21 year old YouTuber was born Tana Marie Mongeau on June 24, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

To celebrate her milestone birthday and turning point officially stepping into adulthood, the vlogger turned teen celebrity and social media star recently took to her Instagram to start the festivities. She posted a series of photos counting down the day to her 21st birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tana Mongeau!

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The first image, shown below, was posted to her Instagram account on June 18, 2019. It is of the blonde babe sitting cross legged decked in pink, holding up her hands, one with her pointing up two fingers, and the other hand pointing up one finger, and has inflatable helium balloons to either side of her in the shape of a 2 and a 1 successively. Both indicating her 21st birthday is on the way. The photo on Instagram had the caption “and the countdown to 21 begins. i’ll be sharing the last photoshoot i did at 20 with you all week. LET’S GO 🤠💗

On June 19th, Tana made another post with the caption “yes this is me lighting my bong with birthday candles… 21? 5 days?“. She was featured in the images wearing an officer cap, and dressed in a leather outfit with leather boots, pink eye shadow. The post was a three image slide, and of course it was sequenced show her lighting a bong as her caption indicates.

The following day, the admitted polyamorous YouTuber came with another image. This one posted with the caption “4 days, whores. subtle flex but if u live in LA catch this pic on billboards near u in a couple a dazzzzeeeee 🖤😈“. Tana Mongeau shown wearing a black one piece lingerie, an “It’s My Birthday” tiara, and positioned on her hands and knees beside a triple deck cake that has “I’m Legal Bitches” written on on it.

3 FUCKING DAYS !!!!!! aaaaaah 🥺 this photo is also in @papermagazine rn !!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” was the caption given to her birthday countdown post on June 21, 2019. The blonde honey is rocking a pink bikini, holding a champagne bottle to her head, and thigh high silver boots with on foot stepping into the triple deck cake in the post of the  previous day.

Next the social media hottie got down right racy, and fucked with every one, posting a steamy topless image of herself, with what looks like cake icing or whip cream on her boobs covering only her nipples. Still wearing her “It’s My Birthday” tiara Tana Mongeau captioned this post saying, “things got messy…. 2 DAYS!! (dumb bitch headband is @fashionnova)“.

The Vegas Born Bombshell found fame on YouTube with her intimate vlogs she posted to her YouTube channel on a regular basis. Her viewers got really connected to her and rather quickly a legion of Tana fans was formed. Tana Mongeau was also recently linked to American actress, model and singer, Bella Thorne as her lover. The two were often seen getting close, kissing and never shying away from public display of affection.

Love her or hate her, Tana is keeping relevant, even in the wake of her terrible flopped Tana Con event. She’s making moves and even was recently featured on Paper Magazine’s website.

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne featured above


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