The cam girl and 18+ creator community comes out in support of true justice and freedom – fueled by recent happenings in Minnesota

Since the death of George Floyd, Sunday March 24, 2020, there’s been an unprecedented outcry for the arrest of the officers who were involved in his unlawful death. Floyd, an unarmed black American was held to his death on the ground while Officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck.

As the news spread across the world, many cam performers, models, adult stars, and amateur clip artists, of all shades, color, and backgrounds, tuned in with their voices a call for peace, justice, and freedom, for the black people in America. It’s clear, now more than ever in recent years, that people are upset at not getting and seeing fair treatment of non-whites, people of color.

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It’s crazy to us even writing this right now because in an industry such as this, were we celebrate diversity, that some have stayed silent on the matter. We aren’t here to call anybody out, but we want to be clear that as a publication read by people around the world, that we do not think it’s ok what’s happening in America, here in Canada, and elsewhere around the world. We do no think it’s ok to stay silent at such a pivotal moment in our history, and especially in this current climate. If we can speak up for COVID-19, we can speak up for unlawful treatment of black folks.

Yes there are a host of other issues, but this is the one at the forefront right now, so we are talking about it.

There are several cam girls, former features in our magazine, and other 18+ creators  who we’ve noticed have taken a stand against the injustice. We’d simply like to highlight a few.

There are so many others. The conversation in not over.

Stay safe, we beg of you all. And we pray for a better world in the months and years to come.

Feature image: Emily Cheree stands under End White Supremacy Banner

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