Tiny Magician! Payton Avery in New Tiny 4K Release

Pretty little porn princess Payton Avery has a perfect little pussy! It’s small and tight and deliciously wet. There’s no doubt about that! But, despite it’s inherent snugness, this supernatural snatch also able to stretch to some seriously large sizes, depending on the girth and length of the monster cock it is fed. It’s absolutely magical!

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Tiny Magician from Tiny 4K celebrates this wonder of nature in all its awe-inspiring glory. Payton starts off by teasing the camera POV and performing some impressive magic tricks. Things shift as the tattooed and pierced performer peels off her outfit all the way down to fishnet stockings and masturbates, paying extra attention to her pierced clit hood. Soon she gets served a king size cock to play with and wastes no time satisfying her lucky lover with her talented young mouth and hands.

Naked on her knees, gagging on a thick prick, Angelic Avery is in her element. She climbs on top of the cock and rides her slick shaved gash on his rigid rod. Later in doggy, she relaxes enough to really enjoy getting pounded by fat cock, crying out in bliss, and begging for more as her thighs tremble through one juicy orgasm after another. She gets a well-earned facial to end the show… Ta da!

The recently released 37-minute clip is available in multiple formats in both 1080 and 4K. See it now at https://tiny4k.com/video/tiny-magician.

The petite dishwater blonde temptress with her perky smile and that ever-present devious twinkle in her young, pretty eyes also stars in a brand new MOFOs release where she shows off this extraordinary skill called Tiny Blonde Gets Used by a Big Dick.

The fun sized sex machine fits hung stud JMac inside her tiny little twat after sucking his thick, meaty shaft. By the time he penetrates her sweet snatch she’s leaking like a broken pipe and begging him not to stop.

Experience it now at https://www.mofos.com/scene/4493871/tiny-blonde-gets-used-by-a-big-dick.

And don’t miss her latest from Interracial Pass, Alabama Blonde Payton Likes It Big, Black and Rough. The self-proclaimed “Southern Church Girl” takes stretching her hole to new heights with the legendary Brickzilla!

“I just like the way I feel when I’m getting dominated and fucked, you know, like choked,” said Payton. “That’s my favorite when his dick is deep inside of me, and he is rubbing on my clit so I can have an orgasm with him inside of me!”Watch it now at https://www.interracialpass.com/t1/scenes/Alabama-Blonde-Payton-Likes-It-Big-Black-And-Rough_vids.html.

Payton Avery – Babepedia: https://www.babepedia.com/babe/Payton_Avery

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