Tokki HeartsYou – Feisty, Sexy, Cool

The Korean cosplayer and camgirl is all about her gaming and anime. And she likes to bare it all for her fans too!

TokkiHeartsYouis a 20 year old gamer, cosplayer, clips creator, and camgirl. The feisty and colorful Korean babe is of course a big Manga and Anime fan, and is not apologetic about her love for all of it. She speaks with us about her life, her love for cosplay, and some really cool fun facts about herself. Buckle up and get ready
for the ride.

Hey Tokki. Thank you for hanging out with us for this interview. You’ve got quite a bit to share so let’s start off with the basics.

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Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m from South Korea, I’m 20 years old and I’m a content creator.

What are some of your hobbies, and things you like to do?
Play video games and eat food.

Through high school, what were you best known for?
I was always dressed cute.

How were the boys with you in high school; we’re they at your mercy, or did they keep their distance?
LOL they all wanted me.

Tell us about your first sexual experience, and what did you discover about yourself?
I was like 14, we didn’t have sex but we made out.

As you share your content, what’s the most common feedback you get from your audience?
I usually just told they love my content.

What’s one talent most people don’t know you have?
I’m a singer, I have covers only on my Patreon.

What’s one thing you must do before you take your last breath?
Spend time with my family and loved ones.

Tell us about your cosplay style.
I like cute and girly but I also like alternative and
Gothic style.

What attracted you to the world of cosplay?
I always really love anime as a kid, and I read manga and I was already doing some cam modeling, so I thought erotic cosplay would be perfect for me.

Why do you think cosplay has become so popular in recent years?
TikTok has been a really great platform for cosplayers, but also just the appreciation for anime and popularity of the Asian culture.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a cosplayer?
I think it’s just being able to keep up on all of the trends, there are always so many in the community so sometimes it’s hard to stay up to date.

What do you love the most about cosplay?
I like to dress up like a different character and I love seeing how the results are at the end of a camera.

How do you find your inspiration for your cosplay performances?
I just like to scroll through blogs and look at other cosplayers and make something of my own off of inspiration.

What’s the sexiest cosplay outfit you’ve ever worn?
Hmm, the ones where I barely wear anything.

Why do you think cosplay and the NSFW/18+ community are so connected, especially for clips and webcam shows?
I don’t know, people like the idea of roleplaying so the two are kind of connected.

Which character would you love to cosplay that you haven’t yet been able to play?
I really want to do Camie Utsushimi.

What are some quick dos and don’ts for cosplayers?
Make sure your work is original but also be creative and have a lot of fun with it.

List your top 18+ cosplaying expectations vs reality:
I expected to just be able to post my pictures and be done with it, but it’s a full time commitment and a job that I’m constantly working on everyday.

Who is your favorite cosplay artist?
I like Jessica Nigri and Stays Han!

Who is your favorite character(s) to cosplay?
DVa and Ahri.

Favorite anime/manga:
Tokyo Ghoul.

Favorite video game(s):

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