Vanna Bardot stars in “Long Kiss Goodbye” with Seth Gamble, Now Available on Adult Time

Vanna Bardot shines in Adult Time’s Kiss Me / Fuck Me feature, “Long Kiss Goodbye”. Staring alongside Seth Gamble, Vanna demonstrates incredible composure on screen as she portrays being a convincing lover. Bree Mills surprisingly left a comment on the video saying “I remember the day this was filmed – the whole crew was buzzing about how passionate Seth and Vanna were together. Hope you all enjoy!” This is a testament to how wonderfully passionate Long Kiss Goodbye is. 

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The sex scenes are both wildly captivating as well as imaginative. Vanna and Seth indeed do have great on screen chemistry and it shows in every single frame of this near masterpiece title. Beautifully filmed and performed, Long Kiss Goodbye stands on its own two feet against some of Adult Time’s top films and scenes of the past. No questions about that at all. The love making is passionate. The sex is raw and real. The looks gazes and stares both stars give each other is electrifying and Seth yet again proves why he’s one of the top male performers in the game. A delightful scene, Long Kiss Goodbye is certainly one to catch when you get the chance.

Rating: 8.8/10

Watch: Long Kiss Goodbye on Adult Time

Scene Description

Vanna Bardot is enjoying a nice morning, basking in the afterglow of an amazing visit with her lover, Seth Gamble. As he ambles out of the bedroom, they greet each other with a sweet kiss, and she shows him cute pictures of them spending quality time together. It all seems to be perfect, until it’s revealed that Seth was visiting from somewhere far away and now has a plane to catch.

Seth still has a few minutes to spare before his ride arrives, so they decide to enjoy every moment they have left. Throughout their intimate tryst, they’re reminded that the seconds are ticking away, which only intensifies their yearning and passion. But when the time comes for them to finally part, will they really be able to let each other go?

Watch: Long Kiss Goodbye on Adult Time

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