Vice Interviews Penny Barber about Her Most Generous Fan

Kinky Mommy Dom Penny Barber can now add Vice to her growing list of mainstream media interviews. She is a part of an article about sex workers and big spenders/whales.

Written by Rose Stokes, Vice’s “Sex Workers Tell Us About Their Richest Clients Ever” profiles Findommes, cam models, and adult performers. These ladies discuss the times when sex work was glamorous and the big spenders and whales that lavished them with money and gifts.

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How Penny met her most generous fan

Penny’s most generous fan was a man she met while camming, before her switch to clips/content creator and adult performer. She was going through a divorce, and this fan was extremely generous and helped her pay her bills, furnish her new place, and even took her on a Vegas shopping spree. Stokes and Penny also discuss the number of whales she encounters vs. little fish and dodging them. Read the article in its entirety and see her sexy photos that accompany it at

“I was fortunate to have met this fan, and I still remember and appreciate his generosity. I have some of the best fans, I really do. I’m also thrilled to have been interviewed by Vice—it was definitely on my career bucket list,” says Penny Barber.

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